Our Capabilities

ARRB Group has well known capabilities in the areas of inspection and condition assessment of structures such as bridges, jetties, buildings, dams, and concrete railway sleepers. In addition to visual inspection and assessment, many structures require additional testing. Diagnosis and assessment of deterioration problems, such as AAR, corrosion of steel reinforcement in concrete structures and sulfate attack are among our specialties. This is where ARRB offers additional skills.

Led by the world renowned expert Dr Ahmad Shayan we can assist with:

  • prevention of AAR in planned structures
  • assessment of existing structures
  • prediction of future deterioration
  • rehabilitation and maintenance strategies
  • testing and selection of concrete materials
  • assessment of corrosion inhibitors
  • condition assessment of structures
  • prediction of future rates of corrosion
  • service life prediction.

AAR can lead to serious deterioration in concrete, including expansion, premature cracking and reduction in the engineering properties of the concrete. The cracking also exposes the interior of the concrete to aggressive agents such as moisture, salt solutions and gases. This can then lead to further deterioration.

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Corrosion of Steel in Reinforced Concrete

Corrosion of concrete reinforcement can threaten the integrity and safety of a concrete structure and lead to:

  • spalling
  • loss of reinforcing steel
  • loss of structural integrity
  • reduced service life.

Corrosion of reinforcement steel can threaten their integrity and safety and is a wide-spread problem in coastal regions. In Australia the annual repair bill for bridges suffering from corrosion is tens of
millions of dollars.

Corrosion of reinforcement can be caused by carbonation of cover concrete and chloride ion ingress. Inadequate quality of cover concrete or aggressive surroundings can accelerate deterioration. ARRB can provide advice on prevention of corrosion problems for new structures as well as assessment of existing structures.

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Pile Integrity Testing

Structures such as jetties and port facilities include elements which are not accessible for visual inspection, such as submerged or driven piles.

ARRB has recently acquired, portable pile integrity testing technology for the assessment of these elements. Velocity outputs are converted to a cross sectional area presentation where defects along a pile can be illustrated and the severity of any defect assessed. Low-strain stress waves are generated in the pile by impact which travel down the pile and are reflected back to the pile head.

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