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7 Jul. 2017

ARC Industrial Transformation Research Hub for Nanoscience based Construction Material Manufacturing (Nanocomm) holds their inaugural dinner before its first planning workshop

On Wednesday 28th June, the Monash University-led ARC Industry Transformation Research Hub for nanotechnology in construction material manufacture (Nanocomm Hub) held their inaugural dinner as a prelude to its first planning workshop held the next day.

ARRB’s CEO, Michael Caltabiano, was a guest speaker at the dinner, which was attended by academics and key industry leaders.  Michael outlined the exciting re-platforming of ARRB as an applied research-based organisation, and as a champion of investing in game-changing research and innovation rather than trying to make-do with constantly tweaking existing technology.

The purpose of the planning workshop the next day was to hear from industry partners – such as ARRB – why they have invested in the Hub, and what return on their investment they would seek. 

ARRB’s Dr Mike Shackleton explained that ARRB had invested in the hub for two primary reasons:

  • To ensure that investment in first principles and applied research into construction materials continued in the face of a general trend away from investing in research that offers step-change benefits.
  • To support the training of the next generation of researchers and thought leaders so that innovation in construction materials enjoyed a long-term sustainability.